What the Minto Cup Finals Told Us About NCAA Lacrosse in 2019

  The Minto Cup is a big, big deal. For many of the players, the Minto Cup is the biggest lacrosse tournament of their lives. Annually it’s a showcase of the best Junior players in  
  Canada — and for the American audience, a host of NCAA talent. 
  The champion Coquitlam Adanacs and Brampton Excelsiors are filled to the brim with talent. What was most impressive about Coquitlam’s victory was the depth of 
  contributors, the chemistry and selflessness of the group. So this list isn’t exhaustive of all of the important players on either team. But, here are some faces from the finals who 
  NCAA fans should be excited about. They played well at the tournament, and the tournament will make them better players — from the sheer number of shots they take in
  warm-ups and shootarounds, to the back-to-back nature of games to the toughness on the floor.

  Jeff Teat, Brampton — Cornell
  It was odd for many NCAA fans who know the mild-mannered Teat to see him at the center of a controversy. But, this was the biggest lacrosse event of his life, and the fact that 
  his suspension and reinstatement caused such a stir is testament to his talent. He was everything advertised, a phenom who is the center of all attention from opposing teams.
  You’ll see a hungry Teat for the Big Red this fall and spring.

  Clarke Petterson, Brampton — Cornell
  Working with Teat, this tandem was fantastic to watch in Ithaca last year, and in high school, together. If you shut down one, the other is right there. The Minto Cup was no 
  different, and it was Petterson who led all scorers with 13 goals and 30 assists. Don't just look at him as the Robin to Teat's Batman — Petterson is legit.

  Jake Boudreau, Brampton — Robert Morris
  Keeping it in Pittsburgh with Robert Morris, which has a stud in Boudreau. The sophomore midfielder has a lot of big-game experience now at a young age: From the Minto, to 
  Robert Morris’ conference tournament run, to the NCAA Tournament.