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Excelsiors End Season On A High

Gary Groob

  The Cobourg Kodiaks (2-12-2) visited the Brampton Excelsiors (5-9-2) at the Century Gardens Arena Thursday night, in what was both teams final game to the 2018 MSL 
  season. Both teams made strides forward this season, and the future is bright for both teams. The Kodiaks got off to a fast start with Zach Herreweyrs (4g,2a) scoring at 1:21, 
  but the Excelsiors stormed back with three quick goals. Jordan Dance (5g,3a), who has been red hot the second half of the season, scored on a Daryl Veltman pass at 2:22, 
  followed by Captain Mike Burke (3g,6a) scoring at 3:47, and Bennett Drake (1g,2a) scoring a power play goal at 4:56, giving Brampton a 3-1 lead. Derek Searle (1g,1a) made it a
  one goal game at 9:55, but the Excelsiors continued to pour on the pressure, scoring four more goals in a row. Cody Ward (1g,0a) scored at 10:36, followed by two more from
  Jordan Dance, the first on the power play at 15:09, and then again at 17:24. Tyler Fereira (1g,2a) scored at 18:14 increasing the Excelsiors lead, but Luke Laszkiewicz (2g,0a)
  got one back for Cobourg at 19:36.

After one period, Brampton 7 Cobourg 3.

  The second period was much the same as the first period, with Zach Herreweyrs opening the scoring at 2:36, but Brampton came back with two of their own. Dereck Downs 
  (1g,0a) scored at 3:05, followed by Mike Burke at 3:34. Zach Herreweyrs scored his third of the game for the Kodiaks at 7:34, but again the Excelsiors answered back with two
  more goals. Daryl Veltman (1g,3a) scored on the power play at 10:49, followed by Mike Burke's third goal of the game at 11:50. Cobourg kept driving, and were rewarded on the 
  power play when Kyle Killen (1g,2a) scored at 14:48, but again Brampton answered with two goals. Jordan Dance scored his fourth and fifth of the game, the fourth at 16:34 on 
  a Phil Caputo pass, and the fifth on the power play at 19:50. The game got nasty in the later stages of the period, with Jayson Crawford on the Excelsiors taking a five minute 
  high sticking penalty, followed soon after by Liam Patten of the Kodiaks taking a double minor for checking from behind.

  After two periods, Brampton 13 Cobourg 6.

  The third period had a different Kodiaks team come out, one that was completely focused at the job at hand. Brampton scored to open the period on the power play, but the rest 
  of the period was all Kodiaks. Dan Lomas (2g,4a) scored on a Kyle Killen pass at 2:49, followed by Steph Charbonneau on transition at 3:51. Lomas scored again on the power 
  play on a Ryan Lee pass at 7:20, followed by Zach Herreweyrs fourth goal of the game also on the power play at 8:52. Luke Laszkiewicz scored at 10:31, making the score 
  14-11, with Cobiurg still driving forward. Brandon Robinson (1g,0a) scored at 19:51, but it was too little too late and the Excelsiors were able to hold on.

  Final score, Brampton 14 Cobourg 12.

  Cobourg dominated the faceoffs 20-4. The Kodiaks went 3 for 5 on the power play. The Excelsiors went 5 for 8 on the power play.

  The three stars:

  1st Star Jordan Dance
  2nd Star Mike Burke
  3rd Star Zach Herreweyrs

  Top scorers:


  Zach Herreweyrs 4g, 2a
  Dan Lomas 2g, 4a
  Luke Laszkiewicz 2g, 0a


  Jordan Dance 5g, 3a
  Mike Burke 3g, 6a
  Phil Caputo 1g, 5a

  Both teams have positives to build on on the off season, and will both be contenders in the years to come.

Rock Continue To Dominate Excelsiors

Gary Groob

  The Oakville Rock (8-3-1) came to the Century Gardens Arena on Thursday night to visit the Brampton Excelsiors (4-9-2) in MSL Action. The Rock have had a good year, and
  were looking to continue gathering momentum for their playoff run this year. The Excelsiors of late have been playing very well, winning their last two games and still having a 
  chance at making the playoffs. The last time these two teams met Oakville dominated them, Brampton was looking for retribution.

  The Rock opened the scoring when Johnny Powless (2g,2a) scored on a Mitch Desnoo pass at 6:11. Cody Ward (1g,0a) tied the game up for the Excelsiors beating Nick Rose,
  in net for the Rock, at 7:26. Mitch Desnoo (1g,1a) beat Nolan Clayton, in net for Brampton, at 10:53, followed by Nolan Apers (2g,1a) on the power play at 16:24, then Chris
  Boushy (1g,1a) on an Andrew Kew pass at 18:29.

  After one period, Oakville 4 Brampton 1.

  The second period had the Excelsiors come out a bit more organized. Phil Caputo (2g,1a) scored on a Jordan Dance pass at 4:05, but Dallas Bridle (1g,1a) got that back for the 
  Rock at 9:10. Brampton scored again when Bennett Drake (2g,0a) put in a Chet Koneczny pass at 10:28, only to have Nolan Apers get his second of the game, a shorthanded 
  goal, at 12:55. Jordan Dance (1g,2a) scored next for the Excelsiors on the power play from a Mike Burke pass at 16:13, but again Oakville answered when Johnny Powless
  scored at 18:54 on a Tanner Thompson feed.

  After two periods, Oakville 7 Brampton 4.

  The first half of the third period had chances, but yielded no goals. Oakville got rolling at 9:15 when Jordan Magnuson (1g,0a) scored an unassisted goal, on a great individual
  effort. Brandon Slade (1g,0a) scored just over a minute later for the Rock, followed by Andrew Kew (1g,3a) on a Johnny Powless pass at 11:48 making the score 10-4, and
  basically putting the game out of reach. The Excelsiors came back with a few. Phil Caputo scored a shorthanded goal at 13:31, followed by Bennett Drake at 12:55, making the 
  score 10-6. The game deteriorated, getting chippy, resulting in a Chet Koneczny vs. Mitch Desnoo fight at 17:35, earning both players five minute fighting majors, as well as
  game misconducts, but Koneczny also got a two minute roughing penalty. On the ensuing power play, Tanner Thompson (1g,1a) scored to make the score 11-6.

Final score, Oakville 11 Brampton 6.

  Faceoffs were in favor of the Excelsiors 12-9. Oakville went 2 for 3 on the power play, also scoring a shorthanded goal. Brampton went 1 for 1 on the power play, also scoring a 
  shorthanded goal.

  The three stars:

  1st Star Johnny Powless
  2nd Star Bennett Drake
  3rd Star Nick Rose

  Top scorers:


  Johnny Powless 2g, 2a
  Nolan Apers 2g, 1a
  Andrew Kew 1g, 3a


  Phil Caputo 2g, 1a
  Bennett Drake 2g, 0a
  Jordan Dance 1g, 2a

  Oakville's next game is at home in the TRAC on Monday July 23rd vs. The Cobourg Kodiaks. Game time is 8pm.

  Brampton's next game is at home on Thursday July 26th at the Century Gardens Arena vs. the Cobourg Kodiaks. Game time is 8pm.

Excelsiors Gut Out Victory Over Kodiaks

Gary Groob

  The Brampton Excelsiors (4-8-2) came to Cobourg to face the Kodiaks (1-9-2) Sunday evening at the Cobourg Community Centre. Both teams have had tough seasons, but are 
  showing promise that they have turned corners. The last meeting had Brampton come out on top 17-12, this should be a fantastic game. The Kodiaks opened the scoring in this 
  game when Zach Herreweyrs (2g,1a) put a Kyle Killen pass past Nolan Clayton at 2:01, but the Excelsiors fired back on the Kodiaks. Daryl Veltman (2g,2a) scored a power play 
  goal at 3:56, followed by Mike Burke (1g,3a) also scoring a power play goal at 4:48, followed by Daryl Veltman's second goal of the period from a Mike Burke pass at 9:27. 
  Jordan Dance (2g,1a) added to the lead scoring on a Daryl Veltman pass at 12:50, making the score 4-1 for the Excelsiors. Zach Herreweyrs got his second of the period,
  stopping the Brampton four goal run, on a pass from Joey Cupido at 16:28. Both teams had chances, but the score remained the same to the intermission.

  After one period, Brampton 4 Cobourg 2.

  The Kodiaks came out to start the second period with purpose. Ryan Lee (2g,3a) scored on a Kyle Killen pass at 1:33, bringing this to a one goal game, then Tyler Albercth
  (1g,2a) tied the game up on a Brandon Robinson pass at 5:21. Ryan Lee took a Dan Lomas pass on scored on the power play at 9:03 giving the Kodiaks the lead, but Bennett
  Drake (1g,2a) scored for the Excelsiors, tying the game up once more at 11:06. Cobourg kept pushing, and driving, and were rewarded. Dan Lomas (1g,2a) scored at 11:42 on a 
  feed from Ryan Lee, and Nick Finlay (1g,0a) took a Joey Cupido pass and scored just 0:06 seconds after, making the score 7-5 Kodiaks. Brampton didn't throw in the towel. 
  This  team also kept working, and getting chances. Jordan Dance brought the game within one on a Phil Caputo pass at 14:09, and Dereck Downs (2g,2a) tied the game up
  once more scoring at 16:49. The pace of the game was very quick, and for the most part, the refs let them play.

  Chris Cloutier (2g,1a) got the Kodiaks the lead back again taking a Ryan Lee pass, and scoring a shorthanded goal at 18:26. After two periods Cobourg 8 Brampton 7. The 
  stage  was set for yet another classic finish to an MSL game. Chris Cloutier opened the third period scoring scoring on a pass from Kyle Killen at 5:10, but Jake Crans (1g,0a) 
  scored an unassisted goal for the Excelsiors 0:32 seconds later, and tied it up on an individual effort from Phil Caputo (1g,2a) at 8:51. Adam Weidemann scored a shorthanded
  goal at 12:00, giving the Excelsiors the lead again. The Kodiaks weren't happy with things going on, and voiced their displeasure. This got Chris Cloutier a ten minute 
  unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which by losing a top scorer like him, was very costly to Cobourg.  The Kodiaks tied the game up when Kyle Killen (1g,3a) scored a power play
  goal at 12:55. This was setting up to be a classic finish. Dereck Downs scored an unassisted goal at 16:11 giving the Excelsiors the lead, but Steph Charbonneau of the Kodiaks 
  voiced his displeasure and recieved a ten minute misconduct and a game misconduct for unsportsmanlike conduct as well.  Tyler Fereira (1g,0a) scored a shorthanded goal at
  18:21 on a pass from Adam Wiedemann to give Brampton a two goal lead with less than two minutes to play, and that's how the game ended.

  Final score, Brampton 12 Cobourg 10.

  Once again the calls from the referees down the stretch, had a major part in the decision of a game. Brampton went 2 for 4 on the power play, also scoring two shorthanded 
  goals. Cobourg went 2 for 6 on the power play, a scorinf one shorthanded goal.

Top scorers:


Dereck Downs 2g, 2a
Daryl Veltman 2g, 2a
Jordan Dance 2g, 1a


Ryan Lee 2g, 3a
Zach Herreweyrs 2g, 1a
Chris Cloutier 2g, 1a

Brampton's next game is at home in the Century Gardens Arena vs. the Oakville Rock on Thursday July 19th. Game time is 8pm.

Cobourg's next game is at the Peterborough Memorial Centre on Thursday July 19th vs. the Peterborough Lakers. Game time is 8pm.

Excelsiors Play Most Complete Game Of The Season In Win Over Redman


  The Brooklin Redmen (5-6-1), fresh off their win the night earlier, came to visit the Brampton Excelsiors (3-8-2) at the Terry Miller Recreation Centre. The Excelsiors have been 
  close in most of their games, just short of putting together amajor win streak. The Redmen have been hot and cold all season, and are looking to put together awin streak to lead
  them to the playoffs. The Excelsiors got off to a fast start when Patrick Miles (1g,1a) scored on a Joel Coyle pass at 2:34. Brooklin stormed back with four straight goals.Chris 
  Corbeil (1g,0a) took a Nick Chaykowsky pass and put it by Nolan Clayton, who was in net for the Excelsiors, at 3:50, followed by Shayne Jackson (3g,1a) on a Ryan Keenan
  pass at 5:53. Reilly O'Connor (1g,2a) scored to make it 3-1 Redmen at 6:49, followed by another Shayne Jackson goal at 7:11. The momentum had swung totally in Brooklin's 
  favor. Brampton didn't quit, they continued to work, and drive forward. Bennett Drake (1g,3a) got one back for the Excelsiors on a Mike Burke pass at 7:43, followed by Dereck 
  Downs (2g,1a) just 0:19 later. Brampton kept working, and tied the game up at 13:24 when Adam Osika (1g,0a) beat Mike Poulin with a beautiful shot.Both teams went end to
  end with chances, but strong defensive play and good goaltending kept the game tied.

  After one period, Brampton 4 Brooklin 4.

  The second period had Brampton open the scoring shorthanded when John St. John (2g,4a) scored at 0:42, Brooklin came right back when Shayne Jackson scored his third 
  goal of the game on the power play at 2:08. Brampton took the lead once more when Jordan Dance took a Bennett Drake pass and scored at 4:17. The Excelsiors had a jump in 
  their step during this period, and had the majority of the offensive play. Brooklin was playing solid defense, picking their spots for offensive attacks. Cody Ward (2g,0a) finally got 
  one past Mike Poulin with a laser of a shot at 15:01, making the score 7-5 in favor of the Excelsiors. Dereck Downs continued the Brampton scoring, taking a Phil Caputo pass
  and putting it in at 17:32. The Redmen, on the power play, scored a buzzer beater, when Dan Lintner (1g,3a) put it past Clayton with less than a second to go, officially the goal
  came at 19:59.
  After two periods, Brampton 8 Brooklin 6.

  Both teams were playing cautiously, picking their spots for offensive chances. Jordan Dance scored two in a row to break the game wide open. The first one came at 5:32 on a 
  Mike Burke pass, and the second one came from a Bennett Drake pass at 6:23, making the score 10-6 for Brampton. The game became wide open, with Brooklin trying to get 
  back into the game, but the Excelsiors had the answers, and parlayed them into offensive chances of their own. Daryl Veltman (1g,1a) added to the Excelsiors lead at 14:57, and
  Connor Sellars (1g,0a) scored at 15:48, putting this game pretty much out of reach. John St. John got his second of the night on a give and go, making the score 12-6.Just to
  mop up the last few minutes, the Redmen changed goalies from Mike Poulin to Ryan Schuetzkowski. Austin Shanks (1g,0a) scored one for the Redmen on the power play at
  17:43, but the Excelsiors welcomed Schuetzkowski into the game scoring on their first shot when Cody Ward scored at 18:10.

  Final score, Brampton 14 Brooklin 7.

  The faceoffs were almost even with the slight advantage going to Brooklin 12-10. The Redmen went 3 for 3 on the power play. The Excelsiors went 0 for 0 on the power play, but 
  scored a shorthanded goal.

Top scorers:


Shayne Jackson 3g, 1a
Dan Lintner 1g, 3a
Reilly O'Connor 1g, 2a


Jordan Dance 3g, 2a
John St. John 2g, 4a
Dereck Downs 2g, 1a

Brooklin's next game is at the TRAC in Oakville Monday July 16th. Game time is 8pm.

Brampton's next game is at the Cobourg Community Centre facing the Kodiaks on Sunday July 15th. Game time is 6pm

Excelsiors Outlast Kodiaks In MSL Action

  Gary Groob

  The Cobourg Kodiaks (1-6-2) traveled to the Century Gardens Arena to face the Brampton Excelsiors (2-7-2) on Thursday night in MSL Action. Both teams have shown that they
  are competitive and heading in the right direction, but are still having trouble beating the top teams. The Excelsiors opened the scoring in this contest when Dereck Downs 
  (3g,0a) fired a shot past David Diruscio at 7:26, and increased their lead when Jayson Crawford (1g,1a) scored an unassisted goal at 13:55. Joey Cupido (1g,1a) cut the lead in 
  half, scoring for the Kodiaks on transition with a beautiful individual effort at 16:00, but the Excelsiors stormed back when Mike Burke (2g,4a) scored at 16:49 to make the lead 
  two goals again. Jordan Dance (4g,3a) scored next for Brampton at 18:20, followed by Dereck Downs with his second goal of the period just 0:24 later.

  After one period, Brampton 5 Cobourg 1.

  Chris Cloutier (3g,4a) got the Kodiaks on the board first in the second period, on a pass from Josh Miller at 5:18, but Mike Burke scored almost immediately after, on a pass from 
  Tyler Fereira just 0:15 later. Chris Cloutier scored his second of the period at 10:29, but again Brampton answered back when Phil Caputo (3g,1a) scored two in a row. The first
  was on a pass from Luke VanSchepen at 10:52, and the second was on a pass from Bennett Drake at 11:36. Chris Cloutier scored his third of the period on a Dan Lomas pass j
  just 0:10 after that, making the score 8-4. Liam Patten (1g,1a) scored a transition goal on a pass from Steph Charbonneau at 18:05.

  After two periods, Brampton 8 Cobourg 5.

  Dan Lomas (2g, 3a) opened the third period scoring for Cobourg on a pass from Chris Cloutier at 1:50, and narrowed the Excelsiors lead even more when Brandon Robinson 
  (1g,3a) scored at 2:21, to make it an 8-7 game. Jordan Dance scored for Brampton at 3:42, but Josh Miller (3g 2a) made it a one goal game again at 4:03. The Excelsiors were 
  determined to stay in front in this game, and mounted another offensive attack. Wayne VanEvery scored on a Jordan Dance pass at 5:21, and Dereck Downs scored, also on a 
  Jordan Dance pass, at 5:45. Josh Miller scored on a Brandon Robinson pass at 7:44 for the Kodiaks, but Luke VanSchepen scored just 0:08 seconds later, and the game was 
  12-9. Cobourg wasn't giving up, and they mounted their own offensive attack. Josh Miller scored a power play goal at 11:13, followed by Drake Smith (1g,1a) at 11:58, and it was
  a one goal game again, but Jordan Dance scored on a Mike Burke pass at 12:50, and it was back to a two goal game again. Dan Lomas scored again for Cobourg at 15:04,  
  setting things up for an intense finish. Both teams were pressing hard looking for the next goal, but both goalies were keeping their teams in the game. The Excelsiors put 
  together another run to give them breathing room with only a few minutes to go, scoring once at 15:37, and again at 16:38 when Jordan Dance scored a power play goal. The 
  Excelsiors kept the pressure up, scoring again at 17:42, and also at 18:15 with Phil Caputo putting it in.

  Final score, Brampton 17 Cobourg 12.

  The three stars:
  1st Star Jordan Dance   2nd Star Chris Cloutier   3rd Star Mike Burke

  Top scorers:


  Chris Cloutier 3g, 4a
  Josh Miller 3g, 2a
  Dan Lomas 2g, 3a


  Jordan Dance 4g, 3a
  Dereck Downs 3g, 0a
  Mike Burke 2g, 4a

  Brampton won the faceoff battle 20-13.  Cobourg went 2 for 3 on the power play.  Brampton went 1 for 1 on the power play.
  Cobourg's next game is at home against the Peterborough Lakers at the Cobourg Community Centre, Sunday July 8th at 6pm. Brampton's next game is Tuesday July 10th at the
  Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Haggersville, against the Six Nations Chiefs. Game time is 8pm

Chiefs Manhandle Excelsiors In Tuesday Night Tilt In MSL Action

  Gary Groob

  The Brampton Excelsiors (1-7-2) came to the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Haggersville to face the Six Nations Chiefs (5-4-1) on Tuesday night. These teams were coming off a 
  12-12 tie last Thursday night in Brampton, and were looking for a clear winner tonight. Both teams have played each other evenly all year, and this should be classic 
  matchup.Eric Fannell opened the first period scoring on a pass from Cody Jamieson, and the Chiefs increased their lead when Cody Jamieson, himself scored at 4:47. Eric 
  Fannell scored his second of the period from Dhane Smith and Cody Jamieson, but Jordan Dance finally stopped the run and got the Excelsiors on the board. Cody Jamieson  
  scored the Chiefs fourth goal on the power play, and Eric Fannell got his hat trick goal on the power play, to end the first period scoring.

  After one period, Chiefs 5 Excelsiors 1.

  Daryl Veltman got the Excelsiors on the board first in the second period, scoring at 0:56 on a pass from Dereck Downs, but Randy Staats got that back on a transition play 
  scoring from David Brock and Angus Goodleaf. The Chiefs seemed to have answers to whatever the Excelsiors tried offensively, with Angus Goodleaf playing very solidly in net 
  on this night. Shane Simpson scored on a long lead pass from Angus Goodleaf to make the score 7-2, and they increased the lead further when Quinn Powless scored at 9:58. 
  Dhane Smith made the score 9-2, and the rout was on. Brampton finally got back on the board at 19:17 when Mike Burke scored. Six Nations dominated the second period .

  After two periods, Chiefs 9 Excelsiors 3.

  The Excelsiors were just trying to get back on track in the third period, after really being out played all night. Brendan Bomberry scored on a pass from Eric Fannell at 2:30, but 
  Brampton wasn't giving up. Phil Caputo scored to make the score 10-4, but Frank Brown scored on a beautiful effort, followed by Eric Fannell with his fourth goal of the night, 
  making the score 12-4. Brampton showed more jump in this period, but the Chiefs had answers for almost everything they threw at them. Quinn Powless scored next for Six  
  Nations increasing the lead to 13-4, but the team spent more of the period playing keep away, trying to kill clock than worrying about scoring. Although Angus Goodleaf wasn't as
  busy as Nolan Clayton, he was very good in the nets for the Chiefs, coming up big when he had to. For a good portion of the last half of the third period, Brampton had their 
  goalie on the bench, trying to generate any offense. This just wasn't their night. Dereck Downs finally scored at 18:33 to finish the game on a bit of a positive.

  Final score, Chiefs 13 Excelsiors 5.

Brampton's next game is at home in the Century Gardens Arena on Thursday July 5th, against the Brooklin Redmen. Game time is 8pm.

Six Nations next game is at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena for yet another rematch with the Brampton Excelsiors, Tuesday July 10th. Game time is 8pm.

Excelsiors Battle Chiefs To A Hard Fought Tie In MSL Action

Gary Groob

  The Six Nations Chiefs (4-4-1) came to the Century Gardens Arena on Thursday night to face the Brampton Excelsiors (1-6-2). The Chiefs of late have been on a run, winning 
  their last three games.The Excelsiors have been struggling to get wins, but have been in almost every game. This should be a good test for both teams.

  The Excelsiors got off to a fast start when Jordan Dance (2g,1a) scored on a pass from Cody Ward at 2:45. Six Nations evened it up on a shot by Randy Staats (3g,5a) on a 
  pass from Kyle Jackson at 3:45. The period was constant end to end play, with both teams getting many opportunities. The Excelsiors scored again at 10:26 when Dereck 
  Downs (2g,2a) scored, giving them the lead 2-1, but again the Chiefs came back with a power play goal by Cody Jamieson (5g,2a) at 13:18, and then took the lead on a goal by 
  Tyson Bell (2g,1a) at 13:51. The Excelsiors scored to tie it up at 14:02 on a beautiful fall away shot by Cody Ward (1g,2a), and then on a give and go between Jake Crans and 
  Anthony Joaquin, Joaquin (1g,0a) put it past Angus Goodleaf, in net for the Chiefs, at 17:02. Both teams had good jump in their step throughout the period. Things got a bit 
  rough near the end of the period when Patrick Miles and Randy Staats started shoving, but cooler head prevailed. It earned each of them two minute roughing penalties at 19:35.

  After one period, Brampton 4 Six Nations 3. Both teams came out flying in the second period, but the goaltending of Clayton for Brampton, and Goodleaf for Six Nations, kept the
  score the same. The Chiefs finally broke through when Quinn Powless (1g,0a) scored on a pass from Frank Brown at 9:19 to even the game up at four, but at 11:07 the  
  Excelsiors regained the lead when newcomer John St. John (1g,1a) scored on a pass fromMike Burke. The back and forth play continued, when Cody Jamieson scored his 
  second of the game at 12:17, only to be answered right back by Luke VanSchepen (1g,0a) at 12:34, and by JordanDance with his second of the game at 13:47. The Chiefs kept 
  coming, at 14:35 they made it a one goal game again when Cody Jamieson scored his third of the game. Brampton kept the pressure onthe Six Nations defense, and were 
  rewarded with Dereck Downs' second goal of the game at 15:15, making the score 8-6. Tyson Bell had a beautiful end to end rush for the Chiefs, topping it off byscoring on a
  one handed shot at 18:10 shorthanded. Brampton goalie Nolan Clayton was headed to the bench with only a few seconds left, when the Chiefs fired the ball down the floor at the
  empty net. Clayton extended his stick arm, and made a beautiful save to keep the lead at one going into the dressing room.

  After two periods Brampton 8 Six Nations 7.

  Brampton got on the board first to start the third period, increasing their lead to 9-7, when Phil Caputo (1g,4a) scored at 4:35, on a pass from John St. John. Cody Jamieson got 
  the Chiefs within onewhen he scored his fourth of the night at 7:01, and a bounced shot that fooled Nolan Clayton. Joel Coyle (1g,0a) put a beautiful shot in the top corner for the
  Excelsiors giving them a two goal leadonce again at 8:37, but again the Chiefs weren't going away. Randy Staats scored on a pass from Dhane Smith at 10:32, and tied it up on 
  power play goal by Cody Jamieson, finding the top cornerat 14:39. The pace was frantic in the last few minutes, with both teams having chances to take the lead, but that was it 
  for scoring in regulation time.

  After three periods, Brampton 10 Six Nations 10.

  The Excelsiors opened the overtime scoring with a laser of a shot by Mike Burke (1g,5a) at 1:44, but the Chiefs came back with two quick goals. Dhane Smith (1g,4a) scored at 
  4:18, and Randy Staatsscored at 4:39, giving the Chiefs the lead 12-11. Brampton tied it up at 5:58 on the power play when Brandon Benn (1g,2a) scored from Mike Burke. The 
  last few minutes were intense, with manychances, but yielded no goals.

  Final score, Brampton 12 Six Nations 12.

  Six Nations won the faceoff battle 19-9. The Chiefs went 1 for 2 on the power play, also scoring a shorthanded goal. The Excelsiors went 1 for 2 on the power play.

  Top scorers:
  Six Nations:
  Cody Jamieson 5g, 2a
  Randy Staats 3g, 5a
  Tyson Bell 2g, 1a

  Dereck Downs 2g, 2a
  Jordan Dance 2g, 1a
  Mike Burke 1g, 5a

  The Chiefs and Excelsiors next game is a rematch against each other, in the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena in Haggersville, on Tuesday July 3rd at 8 pm.

  This year the Brampton Excelsiors received a number of awards from the MSL organization (Major Series 
  Lacrosse) the governing body for Ontario Men's Senior Lacrosse

 The Bucko MacDonald Award for Leading Scorer co-won by Mike Burke

  The Gene Dopp Memorial Award for Outstanding Rookie won by Adam Wiedemann.
  A very proud day for Excelsior Lacrosse!

The North Stars executive thinks the new owner has enough juice to get Owen Sound back tothe President’s Cup. On Wednesday the team announced Bug Juice owner and Detroit-basedbusinessman Joe Norton has taken over ownership and operation of the Owen Sound North Starssenior B club.
Norton purchased the Brampton Major Excelsiors earlier this year, and the Major Series Lacrosse teamwill now run with the North Stars as their affiliated Senior B team.

Adam McKeachnie will stay on as team president and Keith Peer remains the general manager.

The North Stars search for a head coach is what brought Norton and the team’s executive together -although McKeachnie was hesitant to offer much in an origin story as the coaching position is stillunsettled and sounded somewhat connected.

For now, Mckeachnie said, it’s status quo as far as the on-the-floor product other than the increased expectations that may come with an influx of support.

“This was the opportunity knocking at the door if we want to make it to that next level” Mckeachnie said,
“It not just our competitors within the OLA, but the competition at the Canadian level as well . . . wehave to look at how to compete with teams like that, and what Joe brings to the team is going to helpus do that.”

Last year the North Stars were affiliated with the MSL’s Cobourg Kodiaks, but geographical distance meant the arrangement struggled at times.

“Cobourg was just so far away. If they called looking for guys, it was just such a hard commitment,” Peer
said. “To be honest, who doesn’t want to be associated with the Brampton Excelsiors? One of the oldest
and richest teams, as far as history goes, in the OLA.”

Most teams in the MSL have a Senior B team right in their own backyard. The Six Nation Chiefs have theRivermen, the Brooklin Redmen have the Merchants, the Oakville Rock have the Titans and the
Peterborough Lakers have the Ennismore James Gang minutes away.

McKeachnie said there are no plans to move the North Stars away from Owen Sound now or in the future.

“He’s going to operate in Owen Sound indefinitely. He’ll have to see how things go as far as negotiations
with the Attack and the City, but I don’t foresee any movement of the team,” said McKeachnie. “ There
are clauses in the agreement that would prohibit, would stipulate, how far things could be moved if theyever were to . . . he’s looking to develop things in Owen Sound and start to develop his product inOwen Sound”

Norton founded Bug Juice Brand Inc. 19 years ago, and according to a Michigan Live story the child
size fruit flavored drink company did $84 million in sales in 2009.

“ I know they’ve made some positive changes in Brampton in terms of personnel, and how they handletheir assets for cash and things like that . . . he doesn’t view that as a good long-term solution,”McKeachnie said. “Attract the players to the centre, and keep them happy, and everything else will
fall into place,”

Peer said the arrangement is a win-win for both parties.

“He would like to use our lacrosse team as a vehicle to promote his product, but in the same aspect he
wants our product to promote lacrosse even at the minor level”, Peer said. “Hopefully it helps make ourjob easier, give us some stability, and allows us to do things we might not have had time for in the past.”

Owen Sound’s senior B lacrosse operation last had an owner when local hall of fame builder Mark Berner
resurrected the older North Stars club and named them the Woodsmen. That team won back-to-backPresident’s Cup championships in ‘08 and ’09 and were finalists in 2010.

Since then a group of community members has kept the team going, and were voted in each year as theclub’s executive.

“We had to fund raise and knock on doors, and obviously being in a small community only so much cango around. This will ease that burden,” said Peer.

The North Stars finished as Senior B finalists in 2017, and were dropped by the Rivermen in a five-game
semifinal series in 2018.

“We have some guys that are saying it’s starting to feel like it did back when we were winning,” McKeachnie said on Wednesday. “He’s (Norton) looking to get us there.”

Senior B lacrosse teams in Owen Sound have won six national and ten provincial titles since 1967.